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“As a child, every time I have visited a hairdresser salon it had end up the same way-all in tears I have run out of there, and have continue running through the streets of my coastal town, hurrying home, so I wouldn’t run into any of my friends. I’ve always wanted to be cut in a way that my ears wouldn’t show, because I thought they were too big compared to my tiny face, but somehow hairdresser would always leave them visible. So I told everyone that, when I grow up, I would become a hairdresser, and a “good” one. My parents accepted that, and were sure I would do it.”Marina Sršen

Marina Sršen opens in 1979 her own salon in her native Bay of Kotor. Along with her work, she doesn’t neglect her training. She goes to seminars at home and abroad, and admits that she has been always most fascinated by Italian magazines, because they always tried to embrace the trend and aesthetics. She has attended numerous seminars and hairdressing academy in Milan, Rome and Paris.

In 1992 she moves with her family to Venice, where she lives and works for the next 2 years, using her stay there to the maximum, getting to know the Italian stylists and working with them, and using their psychology in her line of work.

In 1994 she moves to Rovinj where she opens a salon that quickly became very successful. As a competitor in a European rank, she proved herself in Klagenfurt (1998.), Moscow (1999.), Vienna (1999). and Velden (1999th and 2000th Golden Rose). She was apart of the world championships in Rotterdam (1990.), Berlin (2000). And Las Vegas (2002)..

From international competitions Marina mentions Opatija (1999) where with the participation of prestigious Italians who won the first place, she stood side by side wining the second place. Marina is also an international judge in the hairdressing competitions.

2001. Marina was included on the list of the world’s TOP 100 hairdressers.

As a stylist with high internal energy and desire to work, she initiated and organized several events in Dubrovnik, from which we would like to mention performance with Massimiliano Pittonom, the prestigious Italian stylist and coach of their national team, as well as several major humanitarian action in which about 3 million kunas was collected for the purchase of incubators and equipment for gynecology divison of Dubrovnik General Hospital, and for the construction of the first amusement park Croatia, for children with special needs at the Association of “Dva skalina”( „Two steps“).

Marina Sršen opened very exclusive BEAUTY CENTER SRŠEN, at the very top of the department store, in 2009. With the right can be said that this center is one of the most beautiful in Europe and beyond.

Beauty Centar Sršen is a luxury beuaty center which extends to 1,000 m2, of which 200 m2 beautiful terrace. The Center offers a stunning view of the Port of Dubrovnik, boats, Bridge of Dubrovnik so that all this creates the feeling that you are on the command deck of a large cruiser ship.

Center stands out in the offer in more details, starting from the modern decor to exclusive range of services for their clients.

Beauty Centar Sršen offers top quality hairdressing services. Extra attention is to the top quality hair care.

In addition to complete hair services, Beauty Center Sršen offers and services of makeup, manicures, pedicures and tanning.

Your time spent in Beauty Centar Sršen will be converted into the way to enjoy and relax. A special sense of magic gives a terrace with olive tree that gives extra feeling that you are “on top of the world”.

The specialty of BEAUTY CENTRE SRŠEN is the VIP Lounge, designed for a maximum of two people coming together, where you can get individual hairdressing as well as all other services the center offers, and special treatment with champagne, caviar, fruit …. VIP Lounge has been recognized by clients, especially brides, as well as an intimate spot for complete relaxation and isolation with all the beauty treatments.

Let yourself go to the hands of experts and enjoy the magic of Beauty Centre SRŠEN!

Nikole Tesle 2, 20000 Dubrovnik, Hrvatska
Tel: 00385 20/436-300
Mail: bcsrsen@gmail.com